2017 October – Energy Trends

UPDATE: Mr. Sklar’s presentation is now available for you to download and view.  Click here to download! Thanks to everyone who attended this excellent talk.
Speaker: Scott Sklar, President, The Stella Group
Thursday, October 12, 7:00-9:00
Amphora Restaurant
377 Maple Avenue, Vienna, VA 22180
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Recent hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, historic-sized forest fires out west, floods and heat waves are dramatic wake-up calls about our changing climate. They also dramatize the need for a more resilient, distributed energy system that doesn’t rely on a centralized grid.

Join us on October 12 to hear from Scott Sklar, a renowned expert on distributed renewable energy and energy efficiency. Mr. Sklar will quickly survey some trends, local government actions, and applications that are riding this new wave of distributed, renewable and energy efficiency solutions.

To pay by credit card, request an invoice in your RSVP message.

Dinner Cost:  Members – $39  Non-Members – $49
Payment can be made by credit card in advance — or at the event with check or cash.

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Fish, Chicken, Beef, or Vegetarian

About the speaker:

Scott Sklar is  President  of  The  Stella  Group,  Ltd.  a  strategic  policy  and  clean  technology   optimization  firm  facilitating  clean  distributed  energy  utilization  which  includes  advanced   batteries  and  controls,  energy  efficiency,  fuel  cells,  geoexchange,  heat  engines,   minigeneration  (propane/natural  gas),  microhydropower  (and  freeflow,  tidal,  wave),   modular  biomass,  photovoltaics,  small  wind,  and  solar  thermal  (including  daylighting,   water  heating,  industrial  preheat,  building  air-­‐conditioning,  and  electric  power   generation).  The  Stella  Group,  Ltd.  is  one  of  the  very  few  companies  that  blends   distributed  energy  &  efficiency  technologies  and  energy  storage,  aggregates  financing   (including  leasing),  with  a  focus  on  system  standardization.  Sklar  founded  the  company  in   1995  and  joined  it  full  time  as  its  President  in  2000.

Previously,  Sklar  served  for  15  years  simultaneously  running  two  Washington,  DC-­‐based   trade  associations,  as  Executive  Director  of  both  the  Solar  Energy  Industries  Association   and  the  National  BioEnergy  Industries  Association.  Before  his  move  to  SEIA  and  NBIA,  he   was  Political  Director  of  The  Solar  Lobby,  a  renewable  energy  advocacy  organization   founded  by  the  nine  major  national  environmental  organizations.

Sklar  serves  on  Boards  of  Directors  of  national  nonprofits  including,  Business   Council  for Sustainable  Energy  (climate  change)  and  The  Solar  Foundation,  and  Chairs  the   Steering Committee  of  the  Sustainable  Energy  Coalition  (national  efficiency  and   renewable  energy  think tanks,  industry  associations,  and  advocacy  groups).  Scott  Sklar   lives  in  a  solar  home  in Arlington,  Virginia  with  solar  water  heating,  geothermal  heating  &   cooling,  and photovoltaics/battery  system.  He  has  a  unique  PV  system  on  the  roof  of  his   Washington,  DC office  overlooking  Lafayette  Park  in  front  of  The  White  House,  and  a  zero   energy  VA  office building  with  PV  roofing  shingles,  small  wind  turbine,  and  a  hydrogen   fuel  cell.

Sklar  is  an  Adjunct  Professor  at  The  George  Washington  University  teaching  two  unique  interdisciplinary  courses  on  sustainable  energy,  and  an  Affiliated  Professor  with  CATIE,  an  international  graduate  university  located  in  Costa  Rica  focused  on  sustainability  for  Latin  America.

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